Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


We know, shopping the JBF Presale could make ou feel like a savings super hero! You are invited to be the leader of the savings and shop the BIGGEST selection BEFORE we open to the public!

If you are a JBF consignor (seller), you are sooooo in. Plus, if you volunteer at the sale you not only earn more, you get in even EARLIER!

We also welcome First Time Moms, Teachers, Military and Foster Parents to join us for your own Presale. Not in one of those groups? No problem! Check out the Prime Time Shopping option below.

As a bonus, all Consignors and Team Members are invited to shop the 50% off presale on Friday, May 5th.

Thursday, May 4th

All Team Leads, Volunteers and Consignors earn a FREE guest pass

1:30-9:00pm Presale for Team Leads

2:15-9:00pm Presale for 12 hr  Volunteers

3:00-9:00pm  Presale for 8 hr  Volunteers

3:45-9:00pm Presale for 4 hr Volunteers

5:00-9:00pm  Presale for Consignors

5:30-9:00pm Prime Time Shopping $6 Admission (NO FREE ADMISSION)

6:30-9:00pm Presale for 1st Time Moms w/1 Guest-FREE Admission with ticket (must have ticket)

7:00-9:00pm Presale for Teachers, Military, Foster Parents-FREE Admission with ticket (must have ticket)

Friday Night, May 5th  1/2 Price on most items!

All Volunteers & Consignors shop the 50% off sale before the public sale on Saturday!

5:30-9:00pm 1/2 Price Presale for Team Leads

6:00-9:00pm 1/2 Price Presale for Volunteers

7:30-9:00pm 1/2 Price Presale for Consignors and 1 Guests

Shopping Tips & Reminders:

  • Passes:  Consignor and Team Member passes will be distributed at Drop Off.  All other presales require tickets from EventBrite and complete details can be found below.
  • Strollers, Wagons, & Kiddos:  For ALL the presales on Thursday, NO children are allowed except for infants under the age of 1, who are carried by you or in a sling/ carrier.  No strollers are allowed at presale for safety purposes.  (Strollers, wagons, & kiddos are welcome Thursday through Saturday.)
  • Bags & Such:  It is recommended to bring a laundry basket or shopping bag for your purchases.  We will have complimentary bags for you to use while you shop and a hold area.  We also offer large, reusable custom JBF bags for purchase at the register.
  • Do Your Homework:  Make a list and bring your child's measurements (trace their feet so you know their shoe size, use a piece of yarn to measure their waist, inseam, height, etc.)  Shop a few sizes up in case of a growth spurt before the next sale.
  • Make it FUN!  Shop with a friend and plan enough time to stroll through 10,000 sq ft of savings!  There are vending machines located inside the event for your convience.


ANYONE can buy a ticket to get in on the early shopping! You sneak in right after our Team Member and Consignor Presales (hint, hint...shorter lines and the BEST selection)!

Prime Time shopping tickets are $6 (No Free Passes) and pre-registration is required. Space is limited.  Register for your Prime Time Presale Pass HERE!

Thursday, May 4th | 5:30-9:00pm



If you are expecting your first child or have had your first child in the last 12 months, you qualify!

There is no cost to attend however pre-registration is required! Register for your presale pass HERE.  You may request a guest ticket to bring along your spouse,  BFF, or special guest. Adoptive parents also welcome to attend.

Thursdayday, May 4th | 6:30- 9:00pm


Teacher, Military, & Foster Parent Presale

We honor all teachers that work with children in public, private, homeschool, and day cares. Wwe know that teaching can be a blessing and a challeng.

We also want to say thank you to our active and inactive military families during this time; we are forever grateful for your service.

A special shopping time for foster families doesn't seem like enough for the love you give children who need it.

There is no cost to attend however pre-registration is required! Register for your presale pass HERE and learn about what is required to enter these presales.

Thursday, May 4th | 7:00pm- 9:00pm



This territory is currently for sale. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact our Franchise Recruiter.

Lori Lalli



At the JBF Events, we are privileged to be able to serve area families by bringing a high-quality sales event that helps them make money and save money.  Each season as we prepare for the upcoming event, we get so excited knowing that our sale helps so many families in the area.

Thank you for choosing to participate in one of our local events!

Our goals are that all families in any of our sale locations and beyond will benefit from the Seasonal Events...thousands of families shopping and providing for their children...hundreds of families recycling their gently used kid items...cleaning out closets, cash in YOUR pockets, benefiting a great local charity!